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Venice, 2am, my first night in the city


Venice, 2am, my first night in the city.

My first night in Venice I was exhausted. Our flight had been cancelled the night before and we had been stranded in Dusseldorf. A long and tiring travel day, it was dark before we landed outside the city. And definitely our bedtime by the time we stepped off the ferry from the airport. But the city was too enthralling, it called me out. I had to explore, had to get lost.

So I packed up my camera, bought a shot of limencello and a bottle of wine from Bar Americano in Saint Mark’s Square, and wandered around until about three in the morning (ok, maybe I bought more wine at some point). The moon was full and a fog had settled in. The air was crisp on the early February night. I seemed to be the only person in the city, the entire maze of canals my personal playground.

Here’s my visual journal of that night:



































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